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Why this?

Why creating this public place in cyberspace? Why sharing personal ideas in a written form?

Well, the Internet has quickly become a substantial part of human civilization. Both commercially and privately. But I have never been an active part of social media nor did I really participate actively in any online community. So far, I have almost exclusively used the Internet mostly as a consumer. This, I want to change.

I want to start contributing something from my side to the World Wide Web. Writing down some of my experiences from personal projects will act as a great start. It will also give me a face in cyberspace which people can find if they are looking for me. And the created profile of mine is 100% in my control, thanks to my personal domain and some awesome open source technologies.

Speaking of which, learning about new technologies is really what this platform is about. Partially for potential readers but mostly for myself. I love exploring all kinds of available technologies. Creating and maintaining a public documentation of my personal projects will help me to focus and reflect. On top of that, documenting is also a good skill to practice in and of itself.

I don’t expect this to become a crowded place. In fact, probably almost nobody will see this besides the people I already know in person. Never the less, just like we care about our outfits and our behaviour in the real world, I am willing to spend a good amount of my attention to my outfit in digital space.

Technology Stack

Github Pages

I am using Github Pages as a free hosting service for both my code base and the actual web page.


The basis for this webpage. On every push on to my Git repository, it builds the website automatically and publishes it.
I just learned about Jekyll as I started this project. It is super easy to use and helps creating content quickly.